Coffee shop to host breastfeeding event

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Latest news.

An event to promote breastfeeding in public is being held at a Lancaster coffee shop next weekend.

Esquires coffee house will be hosting the event on May 3 from 11am.

One of the organisers, Lucy White, said: “We wanted to do it because of the recent press about Emily Slough being labelled a tramp on Facebook for stopping and feeding her child in Rugeley.

“I have also recently come across a young girl who was so scared to feed in public that she decided not to breastfeed.

“My friends and I believe it is your right as a mother to decide how to feed your child but think it is appalling that people are put off breastfeeding just because of the opinions of others.”

Esquires owner Edward Oldfield said: “They came and spoke with me and I agreed with them that this is a topical thing to do to offer support to new mothers.

“Whilst many public premises like ourselves are signatories to the directory for Lancashire County Council for breast feeding supportive places, it can require a little encouragement for people.

“Babies, after all, never act in a convenient manner!”