City’s rail user group backs re-nationalisation

Cat Smith.
Cat Smith.

A call for the railways to be re-nationalised has received support in the Lancaster district.

More than 30 Labour parliamentary candidates – including Cat Smith, who is standing in Lancaster and Fleetwood – wrote to The Observer to call on their party’s leader Ed Miliband to pledge to bring the rail network back under public control.

And David Bousfield, of the Lancaster, Morecambe and District Rail Users Group, said he favoured the idea in principle, pointing to the East Coast main line, which has been under national control since 2009.

He said: “In principle I would like to see a railway run for public benefit rather than profit, but the detail, such as what would happen to the rolling stock, would need to be carefully considered.”

Ms Smith said: “Fares have spiralled out of control under our privatised rail system.

“Despite years of above inflation fares, popular journeys – such as going from Lancaster to Manchester – are still sometimes overcrowded or delayed and it is nearly always cheaper for local people to drive.”