City pubs are put on the map

The guide to Lancaster and Morecambe pubs in the style of a tube map.
The guide to Lancaster and Morecambe pubs in the style of a tube map.

Lancaster and Morecambe now have their own ‘tube style’ map of their pubs and drinking holes.

Maths teacher John Coats and JJM Designs have recently published their ‘Pub Stops of Lancaster and Morecambe’ design.

The design displays the pubs set out in the distinctive style of the London underground map, each pub being marked on as a stop or interchange.

The tube lines follow roads, so each ‘line’ really could be motivation for a pub crawl.

As well as Lancaster and Morecambe, the design extends to include Heysham, Bolton-le-Sands, Caton and villages to the south of Lancaster.

John has produced a number of Pub Stops designs for other cities and regions of the UK.

The first design was for John’s home city of Sheffield around nine years ago.

He said: “I have to admit to being a bit taken aback at its success.

“These are obviously a great gift item, but I think there is something about the local pub and the way that pubs are such important landmarks in our cities that appeals to people.”

Several other Pub Stops designs followed and there are now almost 50 designs in the series.

John added: “We’ve had tremendous success with our other designs for the north west of England and it seemed logical to build on that with a poster for Lancaster and Morecambe.

“We’ve had several requests for a poster for this area and we’re just sorry its taken so long!”

John runs as a hobby when he isn’t teaching maths in a Sheffield high school.

The Pub Stops of Lancaster and Morecambe poster is available from the website above, Waterstones, M&J Framing and the Tourist Information Centre in Lancaster.