City councillor resigns

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A Lancaster City Councillor has resigned after two years in her post.

Ceri Mumford, who represents Bulk Ward, said she would “continue to be a thorn in the council’s side”.

The by-election for Bulk Ward will take place on May 2, the same day as the county council elections, and the deadline for receipt of nominations for the by-election is noon on April 5.

The statement of persons nominated will be published at noon on April 9.

Coun Mumford said: “It has been a real privilege to represent Bulk ward on the city council for the last 2 years, but my work demands are escalating and, sadly, I am juggling too much to be able to continue.

“...I would like to pass on the baton to an excellent candidate, Caroline Jackson, who will be a pro-active and hard-working councillor with a wealth of relevant experience.

“I will continue to serve the community through my involvement in local groups and I will continue to be a thorn in the council’s side whenever they forget that local people’s needs come first.

“With the government cuts about to hit hard next year, I would ask local people to question our local Tory MPs and councillors on why we are paying our taxes in exchange for public services and then, with funding cut to local councils, having to pay for those services again through raised council tax.”

Some very difficult choices will have to be made next year. We will be told they are necessary because of a huge national deficit, but if that were the case there would also be no money available for tax cuts for the richest individuals and corporations, or for nuclear weapons and polluting roads and power stations, costing many billions.

“Question them on why ordinary people are being expected to pay for a financial bail-out caused by greedy bankers who are still paying themselves huge bonuses.”