City artist sells his creative vision

Artist Dean Taylor.
Artist Dean Taylor.

A Lancaster man’s childhood passion for drawing has become an obsession he now wants to show off to the world.

Dean Taylor is hoping for the chance to show what he can do after perfecting a unique style over the years.

Dean was a warehouse operator at Standfast until he was made redundant recently, but it’s given him the chance to devote more time to his new love.

“It’s weird because at school art wasn’t really something I was keen on,” the 35-year-old said. “I always felt people were telling me what to draw and how to draw.

“I couldn’t draw a tree or a building but I could draw people, and I was always doodling people’s faces.

“My earliest memory of art that made me go ‘wow’ was my brother drawing Flash Gordon, and it became a little personal mission to learn to draw, but I wanted to teach myself.

“I was fascinated by people, their eyes and expressions, and I wanted to capture an emotion in my drawing, something a little bit different.

“I wanted to show people’s expressions through my portraits.

“My mum was blind in one eye and it became a challenge for me to portray that in a drawing.

“My aim was to get what was in my head onto the paper.”

By the age of 13 Dean had developed his own technique of drawing with pencils and using kitchen paper to smooth out the drawing and fading the colour.

“Once I have got the drawing on the page the kitchen towel takes over for the different shades,” he said.

Recent drawings have included Kate Middleton, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama as well as pop stars such as One Direction and Olly Murs.

He also does portraits of family and friends from photographs, as well as pets.

“I have now got a real genuine hunger to keep practising art,” said Dean, who lives in Ambleside Road on the Ridge.

“I am inspired a lot by tattoo artists because I think what they do is phenomenal, especially Tim Hendricks, Scott Campbell and Kat Von D.

“In terms of inspirations I love Banksy because I like that creativity and the ability to put spin on things.”

Dean, who is married to Lyanne and has a daughter and two stepchildren, is now hoping to find an exhibition space or outlet to show off his work.

“I want to do something because I need people to see my work,” he said.

“I want people to talk about it and critique it.

“For me it’s as much about people talking about it as wanting to buy it.

“People have started to become interested; it started off just me and my pencil but more and more people started to ask about it.

“It’s gone from being a childhood obsession to an absolute passion now.”

Dean’s work can be found on his website at and on Facebook.