Chernobyl kids visit fire station

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service were very privileged to welcome some very special visitors to Lancaster Fire Station.

A group of 17 children all aged seven from an area called Magiliev in Russia visited, along with two interpreters from the same region and a third interpreter, Misha Leskovetc, a firefighter at Preesall, who is originally from Russia and moved to the UK in 2001.

He has worked for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for two years.

Another firefighter Craig White opened up his home to one of the visiting children who was called Nastia.

The children were able to watch firefighters carry out a drill and see them use emergency equipment.

They were eager to ask lots of questions and squirt lots of water.

The children joined helpers from “Friends of Chernobyl’s Children”, County Councillor for Lancaster Rural North and Combined Fire Authority member Sarah Fishwick and Red Watch for lunch.

Along with gifts of sweets, fire helmets and baseball caps, all the visitors were given a new smoke detector and careful instructions from Misha on how to safely fit them in the hope of keeping them safe on their return home.

County Councillor Sarah Fishwick said, “I was delighted to join the group of children from Chernobyl at Lancaster Fire Station.

“It was a privilege to see how well the officers related to the children and got them all involved.

“Having Misha there was an added bonus. As soon as he spoke to them in Russian their eyes lit up and they listened intently to everything he said.”