Charity bus has its tyres slashed by mindless thug

Dial-a-bus driver David Graham and the bus which has had its tyre slashed.
Dial-a-bus driver David Graham and the bus which has had its tyre slashed.

A driver for a transport charity fears he is being victimised after the tyres on both a charity minibus and his partner’s car were slashed.

David Graham has worked for Lune Valley Transport for 10 years, collecting disabled children and taking them to Beaumont College in Lancaster as well as transporting the elderly around the district.

But now Mr Graham is being forced to park the minibus and his family’s own vehicles away from his home in St James Court, Heysham, after the tyres were punctured on two separate occasions.

“I have parked the bus there for 10 years without any problems,” he said. “I came out of the house to go to work and found I had a flat tyre on the back of the vehicle.

“A neighbour said he had seen a young lad by the bus at about 6.45am and he had run off and got on a mountain bike with a baby seat on the back.

“Two days later, my partner’s car had two flat tyres and the rear tyre on the bus was flat again.

“I went to the garage to blow them up and found they had been slashed, possibly with a Stanley knife.”

Mr Graham reported the incidents to the police and is now too worried to leave the minibus parked outside his house. Instead, he leaves it at Lune Valley Transport’s premises at Vickers Industrial Estate in Mellishaw Lane.

“As a charity we don’t have the money to throw away on new tyres all the time,” he said.

“I can’t understand for the life of me why a kid would want to do something like that.”