Centre has an Impact on peoples’ lives

Tracy Kohl, manager at West End Impact on Heysham Road.
Tracy Kohl, manager at West End Impact on Heysham Road.

A special organisation in Morecambe’s West End gives hope, support and understanding to families, the homeless and the needy.

West End Impact on Heysham Road, a registered charity, is run in partnership with Morecambe Community Church in response to the regeneration of Morecambe.

Set up in 2002, the charity has grown and expanded and now offers a community cafe, boogie babies, surgeries with PCSOs and Disability Online, a free meal once a week for the homeless, a drop-in service for homeless people, food parcels and most of all care and understanding.

Manager Tracy Kohl said: “Morecambe Community Church and the Impact is where we carry out our work.

“We want to bring regeneration into peoples’ lives rather than old buildings.

“We want to help people in this area.

“We did the building on Heysham Road up from scratch and in 2011 both buildings were made into one.

“We are far more than just a homeless project, we always have more plans but more volunteers and resources are needed. We are lacking space already.

“Funding is always difficult to get and we try and hold fundraisers when we can.We have our Impact Angels who donate £10 a month .

“The community cafe charges for food just like any other cafe.

“We have 40 volunteers, some do two hours a month and some do two or three days, but we always need more volunteers.

“There has been a shift recently where people on Job Seekers Allowance for six months have to go on a work programme.

“People get sanctioned and end up completely without money but there is a knock on effect and people could eventually end up homeless.

“The system is completely flawed and people are on the floor and need an advocate.

“There are a lot more middle aged men coming to the centre for help.Mental health is an issue and people with mental health issues are falling through the net.

“The only way to access treatment is through your GP, but we would love to have a GP to do visits with us now and then.

“Beneath the surface my faith keeps me going but it does sometimes get too much.

“With West End Impact I feel a sense of pride and a sense of achievement but there is always more to be done.”

Call West End Impact on 01524 888929 for more.