Cash safe ‘looted’ from burned-out Morecambe attraction

Photo Neil Cross.The Megazone is being demolished after a fire.
Photo Neil Cross.The Megazone is being demolished after a fire.

Thousands of pounds in cash is missing from the devastated Megazone attraction after a huge inferno gutted the building.

It is believed an intruder looted the safe from the entertainment complex after it was ravaged by one of the biggest blazes in the resort in years.

Money has also been reported missing from gaming machines on the Marine Road West premises.

Work has now started to pull down the stricken building on Morecambe’s promenade, following Thursday’s fire.

Investigators will not begin the process of discovering how the fire started until the site is completely safe, said a spokesman for Lancashire fire and rescue.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman said they had received a report of the thefts but would not be able to confirm them until the building was safe to examine thoroughly.

A demolition crew was at the Megazone on Wednesday to begin pulling the building down.

The family leisure attraction was damaged beyond repair by themassive inferno that ripped through the indoor laser adventure game centre sending clouds of smoke billowing for miles around.

Owner Richard Holmes said he was heartbroken by the loss of his beloved business, which he set up on Morecambe seafront 21 years ago.

Mr Holmes and his family were on holiday at Butlins in Skegness when they received the devastating news that the Megazone was in flames.

He said: “The damage is total and it’s going to have to be demolished. Hopefully I can salvage enough to find somewhere else to start up again. That’s the only thing keeping me going.”

The fire is believed to have begun on the upper floor in the laser game arena – where players would ‘shoot’ each other and designated targets with replica laser guns – at around 6.20pm on Thursday.

Two members of staff and two children were on the premises but no games were in progress at the time. The fire alarms went off, they evacuated and a staff member called emergency services.

People were also evacuated from 25 nearby flats and businesses.