Carnforth train campaign reaches the top

Carnforth railway station.
Carnforth railway station.

A campaign to restore mainline platforms at Carnforth station continues to gather steam.

Letters are being delivered to residents asking them to write to their MPs backing a drive to re-open Carnforth as a stop on the West Coast Mainline from London to Glasgow and also between Windermere and Manchester.

“It is important that our Government and rail authorities are made fully aware of how many local people support the reinstatement of those platforms,” said Peter Yates of the Carnforth Railway Action Group.

Robert Swain, another campaigner, has written to Stephen Hammond MP, the minister responsible for major rail projects.

“We have found after much research work that the platforms were not officially closed in May 1970, only access to trains withdrawn,” he wrote. “At the time of the removal of the mainline platforms and for many years afterwards, Carnforth station was steadily going downhill.

“Now, the number of passengers using the station has dramatically increased. The buildings have been restored with a Heritage Centre, Brief Encounter Refreshment Room, shops and a micropub. ”