Caravan capers in Penrith - video

It’s always exciting to explore a new area and that’s exactly what I did over the bank holiday weekend.

Never having looked around the market town of Penrith, my husband Mark (‘Sparky’) booked it for our wedding anniversary weekend.

Penrith - Out There - Ingrid Kent.

Penrith - Out There - Ingrid Kent.

He found a picturesque site at Tymparon Hall in the lovely village of Newbiggin, just a few miles from Penrith. Our caravan pitch was next to the site’s 18th Century manor house and farm. Absolutely delightful. It was a peaceful and basic site with views over fields. As usual, we spent quite a lot of time just sitting outside the caravan and soaking up the atmosphere.

The first night was quiet but on the second night a group of friends from Newcatle appeared. We watched as the Geordies in onesies were drinking and playing football. They were extremely sociable and said they liked out little pop up caravan.

On Saturday night we spent several hours exploring the town of Penrith.

We were captivated by the traditional shops, ancient buildings in red sandstone, friendly little pubs and historic castle. The town had a feel of the Wild West on Saturday night as gangs of lads roamed the streets looking for ale and adventure. We had a meal in the wonderful old Board and Elbow pub. The food was very reasonably priced and the pub was bustling with life – not something you can say about many pubs these days. It was a good old fashioned night out and I can highly recommend it. The Penrith area has many more attractions so we will be heading back there in the near future.

We were sad to leave the site on Sunday and wished we didn’t have to work on the bank holiday Monday.

I had a fantastic experience in Morecambe on Thursday evening.

Hollywood star, Warwick Davis, was in town filming a new travel programme for ITV. I was lucky enough to get to interview him (I’m a bit of a fan.) Warwick was so nice to everyone that it nearly brought a tear to my eye. He spent time with everyone who had turned up to get a glimpse of him and was completely charming.

Sparky’s favourite film from childhood is Willow (starring Warwick) and they had a great laugh remembering scenes from the film. Sparky said all he could hear when he saw Warwick was the theme tune to Willow. This tickled Warwick and he couldn’t stop laughing. He was staying in a campervan with his family – even big stars can be camping fans!