Campaign to ruin Christmas for criminals

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A seasonal crime prevention campaign has been launched with the aim of spoiling Christmas for criminals in Lancashire.

Lancashire Constabulary’s Bah Humbug campaign will see residents being given useful advice to help them keep both themselves and their property safe so that they can make the most of enjoying the festive period.

While crime is low in Lancashire, criminals may try to take advantage of the fact that people are distracted by the hustle and bustle that comes with Christmas, leaving thieves with the potential for valuable pickings.

The advice will help home owners, motorists, revellers and shoppers be on their guard and will also send a clear message to criminals that they can expect to face police action if they commit crime in the county.

The crime prevention messages will be delivered face-to-face to residents by their local neighbourhood police teams and will also be sent out via the force’s Facebook and Twitter pages, using the #BahHumbug hashtag.

The awareness campaign will support the operational activity that will be taking place across Lancashire, with patrols being stepped up in the county’s villages, towns and cities at key times throughout December and in to January.

Lancashire Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable Mark Bates said: “We want people to have an enjoyable time during the festive period but we want to make it clear that we will be doing our best to spoil Christmas for criminals.

“Residents can help us to do this by taking some easy prevention measures that will stop them falling victim to crime. Lancashire Police officers, PCSOs, staff and partner agencies will be working hard over the Christmas and New Year period to keep you safe and we wish everyone – except criminals – a very Merry Christmas.”

Spoil Christmas for criminals – don’t give them an easy way to get their hands on your valuables:

* Fit a burglar alarm and good outside lighting, then check them both regularly.

* Santa comes down the chimney – burglars will use an unlocked door or window. Lock up to lock them out.

* Keep presents out of view both at home and on the back seat of your car so they don’t provide temptation.

* Crafty crooks will hook keys through letterboxes so don’t leave your set near your front door.

* Mark your new valuable items with your postcode & note down make/model/serial numbers.

* Carry bags close to your body with any flaps/ openings facing towards you.

* Put purses and mobiles in inside pockets.

* Lock your car and make sure all valuables including satellite navigation systems are out of view.

* Stay with your car when you are defrosting it and the engine is running.

* Park in secure car parks and/or well-lit areas.