Workplace equality has long way to go

Rebecca Walker.
Rebecca Walker.

Following on from our Women in Business Conference on the May 19 it became even more apparent, after hearing our inspirational speakers, that women in today’s business world still have a long way to go before they become equal in the workplace.

It was shocking to hear that the UK is currently ranked 26th in the world for gender equality and it will be 2095 (80 years) before we see balance in the boardroom, equality in pay, in business, in the workplace and between management positions.

It seems that even with the recent legislative changes to paternity rights and family’s being given more choice when it comes to negotiating time off work when they start a family, women are more often than not still the ones left to juggle a career and family life.

This seems to be an intrinsic value which is placed upon women from an early age, despite women being liberated in the 1960’s.

There are many reasons why these perceptions still exists today; our culture still has a long way to go before we see a huge shift but I’m a true believer in change.

Through personal development and self-belief, women can help to change this culture by claiming back their power in in the work place; after all we shouldn’t feel guilty about our existence and we certainly need to stop apologising – because then we’ve given away our power before we’ve even started.