We all stand to gain from Chamber’s work

As John Regan, our current Vice President, mentioned in his Chamber Chat recently, Chamber membership is made up of predominately small and medium sized businesses.

The Board largely consists of individuals from those same sectors.

At a recent Board of Directors meeting, I was listening to the various points being aired. I tuned into the fact that there was a great array of accents; numerous English dialects as well as American and German. For most, the Lancaster district is not their place of birth. I am no exception to that; Lancaster has become our adopted city. Here are a Board of individuals who are passionate about both their profession and their locality. Interestingly, most of the directors have other voluntary roles, such is their commitment. This commitment is shared by Vicky and her team in the office.

So, what does this translate into? Most businesses have an idea about what the Chamber of Commerce does. Yes, it’s there to offer all sorts of business advice and support. It facilitates business to business events; lobbies on a whole host of subjects, including environment, transport, planning. It has regular meetings with the council, the university and other big employers and influential organisations, as well as both our local MPs.

For me, holistic is not just about the individual. What happens in the business world effects us all, both locally and nationally. The Chamber’s goal is beyond simply assisting and supporting businesses, whatever their size. As businesses flourish and expand, that brings investment, job opportunities and ultimately wealth to an area. Greater investment and wealth in an area leads to better living standards, a nicer place to live, work and play, whether or not you’re a business owner – that’s holistic in its ultimate form. This is why, I believe the Chamber is actually yours...there for all to benefit from, either directly or indirectly.