Visitor boost to park after TV appearance

One of the park's tree shrews.
One of the park's tree shrews.

Visitor numbers are up at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis near Milnthorpe after it featured on BBC programme Hidden Kingdoms.

The show, narrated by Stephen Fry, featured creatures such as tree shrews and marmosets.

Wildlife centre boss Jo Marsden said: “Our smaller animals have always been a big attraction for regular visitors.

“Creatures like tree shrews and marmosets can be expecially active and so they’re entertaining to watch.

“People might come to see our snow leopards or other rare animals but they often leave talking about some of the tiny mammals that make such a big impression.”

To get close-up shots, the crew filmed at the park in front of a blue screen with images then super-imposed onto pictures from Rio, Brazil. Mrs Marsden added: “It was interesting to see how it worked.”