Vehicles on Bay Gateway hit 18,000 a day

The Bay Gateway officially opened on October 31 2016
The Bay Gateway officially opened on October 31 2016

More than 18,000 vehicles per day have used the Bay Gateway since it opened a year ago next week.

The Heysham M6 Link Road officially opened on October 31 2016.

It signalled a renaissance of the transport infrastructure in the Lancaster district, promising to give better access to Morecambe and Heysham and relieve traffic in the city centre.

Lancashire County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The Bay Gateway has already made a real difference in terms of a significant reduction in the volume of traffic on the bridges in Lancaster city centre and through Carnforth, but the key benefits will also be felt over the longer term as the much-improved access to the Heysham peninsula allows the local economy to grow.”

Coun Iddon said the road is making a huge difference to residents, businesses and communities who can get around the area far more quickly and easily.

He said: “The success of the Bay Gateway was recognised when the project won the Economic Infrastructure Project of the Year at the British Construction Industry Awards earlier this month. This national award celebrates the economic benefits that have started and will continue to be brought to the surrounding area following the opening of the Bay Gateway.

“As with any new road scheme of this size, there are some things to finish long after the road has opened, and we’re currently finalising the landscaping and work for landowners. The site compound has now closed with final restoration of this area due for completion in winter 2017/18.

“We recently finished installing the street lights at the Beaumont Junction, however we won’t open the extra traffic lane until the volume of traffic means it is needed. We’re currently working to finalise the full cost of the project.”