Student finds perfect match with city firm

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A second year Lancaster University student is currently enjoying an internship at Lancaster based digital agency.

Alex Power, who is working at Nublue, is urging other young people to “go out of your way to make things happen”.

Alex, who is studying software engineering, says that his internship has been invaluable as it has given him a lot of knowledge which cannot be taught, namely how the business functions and the software it uses to complete specific tasks.

“He has undertaken various tasks including internal network organisation and database development to assist the Nublue web hosting team with IP allocation management.

Lancaster University held a careers fair which bought together Alex with Nublue, which is based on the White Cross Business Park in Lancaster.

He said he sees the internship as an opportunity to be welcomed into a company and complete the tasks he is comfortable with.

He said: “Nublue were always considerate to my current skill set and where I would also like to explore, making the whole process of joining very enjoyable”.

Tom Ashworth, Nublue’s technical director said: “It’s been great having Alex working at Nublue. He’s gained valuable work experience and combined with that several important tasks in the company have been completed, so everyone has benefited.”