Something fishy going on as shop floods

Ron Shaw, Shoreway Fisheries
Ron Shaw, Shoreway Fisheries

A Lancaster businessman has been forced to move premises after he found water flooding up through his floorboards.

Ron Shaw, from Shoreway Fisheries, currently based in Marketgate Shopping Centre, said he believed a pipe had been knocked out during the resurfacing works of the city centre earlier this year.

Mr Shaw moved into premises next to Gregory Williams butchers in James Street following the closure of Lancaster Market, but had to move out four months ago into a temporary shop in Marketgate.

He said: “There’s water coming out, going underneath the opticians next door, and coming up below our shop, causing the floorboards to lift up.

“The shopping centre managers have been in touch with the city council and they flushed all the drains but it hasn’t made any difference.

“When it rains it increases the problem.

“We’ve been out of there 16 weeks now and on average the move has cost us £1,000 a week because no-one realises we’re round the corner here in Marketgate.

““It’s ridiculous.”

Mr Shaw said that Marketgate were going to get on with fixing the work and then “claw the money back from the highways authority”.

But both Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council say it is not their problem, and that water company Unitied Utilities were responsible in this instance.

However a spokeswoman for United Utilities said: “We are not aware of this issue but if the council contacts us with the details we can investigate.”

Mr Shaw has worked in the fishing industry for 50 years, and his son Damian is now the main proprietor for Shoreway Fisheries.

Mr Shaw added: “We just want to get back into the shop as soon as possible.”