Seven Questions with Sandi Haythornthwaite

Sandi Haythornthwaite.
Sandi Haythornthwaite.

Sandi Haythornthwaite is a marketing consultant and fundraiser.

What was your first job?

Helping on my grandparents’ farm. Feeding turkeys, rowing up bales of hay, writing the labels for milk kits and washing down the shippon after milking. My gran would write down 1d or 2d in a little notebook and pay me when I needed the money. I guess it will only be farmers over 50 that will understand what I’m talking about.

How do you relax after a hard day’s work?

The things that relax me most in life are talking to the sheep or listening to my daughter play the piano. The sheep thing happens in the early morning, so Polly on the piano it is!

Proudest moment in business?

Winning the dma Grand Prix for my work with LEGO, The LEGO Club and LEGOLAND. 
It is a profoundly honest brand born out of a passion for education. A little known fact is that LEGO actually translates from ‘leg godt’ which is the Danish for ‘play well’.

Most embarrassing moment at work?

Hitting the front page of the TODAY newspaper for, according to them, sending out thousands of bomb hoaxes. 
They were actually apples in boxes promoting Virgin Atlantic’s flights to ‘The Big Apple’. How was I to know that rotting apples smell like Semtex? 
I have the article framed in my office.

What is your biggest vice?

Winding people up (in an affectionate way) and laughing at my own jokes. 
I find myself hilarious.

Who is the biggest influence on your life?

I come from a long line of strong and independent women so I would say my daughter because she has made me a better person, my mum for her unjudging and unwavering support, my grandmother and all the women that went before her. I used to 
love listening to my gran talking about the tough times that they had been through and the remarkable things they had achieved.

Word of business advice?

Deliver only your best; value your team; treat your suppliers as you hope your clients will treat you and never take the credit for someone else’s work.