Seven Questions...with Lee Brady

Lee Brady is co-founder of Lancaster based digital marketing company Get Your Mobi

What was your first job?

I suppose my first work experience was in my parent’s pub at the age of 14. Those were the days when pubs closed for a few hours in the afternoon so my job would be to restock the shelves with such exotic drinks as Special Brew, Mackesons, Pale Ale and Gold Label! Not quite sure what the wages were like, but I’m sure Pork Scratchings and a Coca Cola were the going rate.

How do you relax after a hard day’s work?

An occasional round of golf, but that isn’t always relaxing as it depends on how that first tee shot goes!

Most of the time though its home, shorts and T-shirt on, dinner and then relaxing in front of the TV.

Proudest moment in business?

Recently moving to our new offices and the realisation that everything we have worked so hard for in the last four years is actually materialising.

Most embarrassing moment at work?

Sometimes I say things in my morning sales meetings that I think are funny and nobody laughs.

What is your biggest vice?

All things sweet. I can’t open a packet of biscuits, chocolates or sweets without eating the whole packet so we tend not to buy them in the first place but I do succumb from time to time especially if I’m doing the shopping.

Who is the biggest influence on your life?

In my personal life it has to be my wife Mandy whose personality is infectious and her ability to provide me with answers to some of life’s curveballs without actually realising she is doing it has been amazing. In business, it has to be two of my ex-bosses, Mark Hallam and Stuart Forrest who taught me that anything is possible.

Word of business advice?

It might sound obvious and over quoted but there really is no substitute for hard work and determination. If you have drive and ambition then anything is possible, but always be prepared to make mistakes as that is inevitable, learn from them and never make the same mistake twice.