Seven Questions...with Jennifer Larton

Jennifer Larton
Jennifer Larton

Jennifer Larton is a solicitor at Vincents and head of the firm’s Garstang office

What was your first job?

I earned my first pay packet washing up at a local restaurant when I was 14.

I stuck at it for two years and then stayed for another three waiting on.

How do you relax after a hard day’s work?

I like to keep fit and go the gym but being completely honest, that’s only so I can feel less guilty about sitting down in front of the TV with a glass of wine – that’s often my preferred way of relaxing after a really hard day at the office!

Proudest moment in business?

Joining Vincents in 2013 was a key moment in my career and what I’m most proud of.

I joined as a solicitor but also took on the role of managing the branch so have spent the last 18 months building a team and growing the business in Garstang, which has been a very rewarding experience.

Most embarrassing moment at work?

I have to go to an independent firm of solicitors to sign oaths.

In a classic ‘you’ve been framed’ moment, I slipped on some ice in full view of the team and they’ve never let me live it down.

What is your biggest vice?

Without wanting to sound too girly, it has to be shoes. I’ve got a growing collection at home and a small one in the office, so I can throw on a pair of heels if I need to!

Who is the biggest influence on your life?

I know a lot of people say this, but it’s definitely my parents.

My dad is one of the most intelligent and hard working people I know.

He’s been a farmer all his life, gets up at 5am every morning and rarely has a day off.

My mum managed to get a degree while bringing up me and my brother as well as holding down a full time job at the Royal Preston Hospital.

Their work ethic and dedication have truly inspired me.