Seven Questions...with Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper
Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper is an associate solicitor at Lancaster-based commercial law firm Harrison Drury solicitors. He lives in Heysham with his wife Ester and daughter Sophie, 21 months.

1. What was your first paid job?

I was a pizza delivery driver in my home town of Brackley, Northamptonshire, aged 17. I did my rounds in a bright yellow Suzuki mini-van and wore yellow, green and blue chequered pants like those chefs wear, so it wasn’t great for my street cred. However, my one claim to fame from the job was that I used to deliver pizza to the BAR Formula 1 team’s HQ in Brackley.

2. How do you relax after a hard day’s work?

Doing the bath and bedtime routine with my daughter. It is surprising how relaxing it can be watching In the Night Garden and reading bedtime stories!

3. Proudest moment in business?

Gaining a distinction in my law Masters degree. Establishing my own small business Potts Pie House in Morecambe, which my wife Ester runs with me, was also a very proud moment and one that gives me a business owner’s perspective on things.

4. Most embarrassing moment at work?

When I was still a legal trainee at a former firm, I spilt a full tray of hot drinks on my way into the boardroom where the partners were holding an important meeting. It was very embarrassing having to clean up the broken mugs and soak up tea from the carpet while the meeting carried on.

5. What is your biggest vice?

Pies. They are not easy to avoid when your wife works in a pie shop.

6. Who is the biggest influence on your life?

My mum and dad helped to inspire me to go out and achieve. Now I have my own family, I draw inspiration from my wife and daughter. Becoming a father really helps you put things in perspective and realise what’s important in life.

7. Words of business advice?

Be open, honest, and be yourself if you want to build strong relationships with people. Also don’t try to be all things to all people. Realise what your strengths are and play to them.