Scrap metal kindness from energy firm

Staff at Heysham 1 have handed £1,600 to St John’s hospice after the power station changed the way it separates its scrap metal.

The site handles many tonnes of metal and previously sent everything off site together to be separated and then recycled.

Peter Charlson, who works for one of Heysham 1’s key contractors Workplace Solutions, decided to split the metal into different components before it left site so it could be ‘weighed-in’ by the station’s recycling company.

He then asked if the proceeds raised from the metal waste could be donated to charity and the site’s management team agreed.

He said: “It seemed crazy to me that we were paying another company to separate out the different types of metal when we could do this ourselves, save EDF Energy money and also help support the local community.

“We’ve all been touched by family and friends who’ve used services at the hospice or been supported by the excellent team there, so I was keen to ensure one of the donations was made to the hospice.”

Catherine Butterworth, head of fundraising at St John’s Hospice, said: “I want to thank the staff at Heysham 1 for not only thinking of us, but also for their on-going fundraising support to help keep vital hospice services running.

“As ever we’re always surprised by the generosity of companies and people alike and the new creative ways people donate money.”

A spokesman for EDF Energy said the company is leading the way in decarbonising the UK electricity sector whilst achieving an increasingly positive environmental impact across our operations, by sending no waste to landfill, reducing fuel use by 50% and using LED lighting.