Salt chamber investment is good news for food firm

Udale Sales Director Jason Myers in the salt chamber
Udale Sales Director Jason Myers in the salt chamber

A Morecambe based food firm is using an age old process to produce high quality meat for chefs across the country.

Udale Speciality Foods, run by brothers Ian and Neil Udale, have invested in a ground-breaking Himalayan Salt Chamber, which can greatly improve the taste and profile of meat.

Distributing as far south as the Home Counties and London, business is also coming in from chefs as far north as the Scottish Highlands.

Neil Udale said: “Based on basic principals thousands of years old, our Salt Ageing Chamber allows for increased flavour profiles. Whilst naturally dry aged meats can be aged safely up to 40 days or so, Salt Ageing not only breaks through that barrier but also delivers a beautifully refined and intense experience for the discerning diner.”

Udale was founded in 1905 by the brothers’ great-grandfather, and specialises in authentic produce with a strong emphasis on traditional hanging, curing and preserving methods.

Ian Udale said: “There is a process called autolysis that allows the natural enzymes and amino acids in the meat to break down meat products. In grass fed beef for example this process is especially effective within the salt ageing process.”