Protesters stage bank demo

Coun Andrew Kay and David Fleet with their 'casino'.
Coun Andrew Kay and David Fleet with their 'casino'.

AROUND a dozen Occupy Lancaster protesters staged a demonstration at Barclays Bank in the city centre last Saturday.

Two protesters, Bulk ward Green Party city councillor Andrew Kay, and Lancaster resident David Fleet, played roulette inside the branch, winning huge amounts of ‘money’ to illustrate the way that banks gamble with cash.

Outside, other occupiers handed out leaflets about recent banking scandals and encouraged angry members of the public to protest by moving their money from the big five banks.

Barclays has recently come under fire for artificially rigging Libor, the inter-bank lending rate.

This Saturday, July 28, the day after the Olympic opening ceremony, Occupy Lancaster is holding its own Occulympix in Market Square at 2pm.

The group is billing the event as a fun way of celebrating the sporting side of the Olympics, while protesting about corporate sponsorship and tax breaks given to big companies. There will be Occulympix torches, Occulympix medals and a hand-knitted finishing line.