Protect online business profiles

Thirty-nine per cent of small and micro businesses in the North West report having experienced cybercrime, new research from AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) reveals.

However, the research also reveals that many of them are not taking enough precautions to protect themselves.

Of the small and micro business owners (businesses with between 0 and 49 employees) who said their business had suffered cybercrime:

· 20% had suffered computer virus infection.

· 18% had been victims of phishing – where sensitive information such as passwords are stolen by someone pretending to be from the bank for example.

· 8% had been victims of card fraud.

Despite the high number of businesses who have been victims of cybercrime, a significant number of the North West’s small and micro businesses are still not doing what they need to do to protect their businesses.

Mark Farrar, AAT Chief Executive said: “Keeping online information secure is vital. A security breach could put you out of action and cost you money. Businesses should always protect every aspect of their online profile.”