Positive year for village house builders

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The final phase of work on a housing development in Halton is nearing completion.

The last 17 homes at Halton Mills in Low Road are now under construction, following a very positive year for the site’s landlords.

Jim Entwistle and Steve Ronson, from Preesall, and John Willan and Raymond Huschka, from Penrith, bought the Halton Mills site in Low Road in September 2012 after initial owners Time and Tide went into administration, leaving it semi-derelict.

Mr Entwistle said that realistic pricing and quality building have meant virtually all of the completed houses and apartments have now been sold or reserved.

He said: “It’s very positive. When we took on the site we were unsure as to how we’d get on.

“We thought we’d be restricted by house sales, but that’s not been the case.

“We’re now working on the last 17 building plots that haven’t been started.”

Once built, the site will be completed up to the point of the initial planning permission.

The businessmen also own an undeveloped site between Halton Mills and Wenning House, as well as the site of the former lawnmower shop by the river Lune.

Plans are currently being worked on for both of these sites, with the potential for a amenity park and picnic area at the latter.

Other parts of the site are owned by Barratt Homes.

Mr Entwistle added: “We’ve been realistic about what we did at the start, and realistic about prices, and that’s what has drawn the sales.

“When the housing market starts to improve people will found they’ve made a good investment here.”

John Harrison, executive branch manager at Entwistle Green Estate Agents in Lancaster said: “We are delighted with progress on the site at Halton Mills.

“It is great for Halton as a village and as time goes on the site is becoming ever more bustling with activity as more and more buyers move in.”

The site’s sales offices are open on Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 5pm.