Nuclear ‘leak’ not for real

STAFF working near Heysham power stations went so far as to take iodine tablets when they were told there was a “leak”.

But the “leak” was just a routine exercise, according to EDF Energy.

An EDF spokesman said: “In a routine exercise at Heysham power stations on Wednesday, the emergency services and local businesses were alerted as if it were a real emergency, although it was immediately established that the incorrect warning message had been issued and it was in fact a station exercise. No nuclear event had taken place whatsoever.

“As soon as this was identified, the station issued another message to reassure the emergency services and businesses that it was an exercise not a real event.”

Heysham 1 Station director Ian Stewart said: “We apologise for this mistake and any inconvenience this has caused and we will ensure that our systems and training are reviewed immediately. Exercises are a key learning tool and we will ensure that we learn from this experience.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (17-11-11) for full story.