Nothing Lazy about Baking hot business

Lazy Bakes.
Lazy Bakes.

A PAIR of young entrepreneurs have been using their business skills to develop their own product and brand.

Mathew Whelan and Mike Fort, students at Lancaster and Morecambe College, have taken their idea of a microwaveable chocolate brownie in a cup and formed it into Lazy Bake.

Aiming mainly at students just like themselves, they are already in talks with local businesses about stocking their product.

The ‘brownie in a cup’ is quick and easy to make and requires just a drop of oil and water to add to the mix and a microwave to heat it. Mathew said: “It all started through from personal taste.

“Mug brownies are relatively simple to make, but there’s a lot of mess involved. That’s where Lazy Bake comes in.”

The Lazy Bake does away with the need for a mug, with a sachet of brownie mix coming in its own disposable container.

This container is also 100% compostable, making the Lazy Bake an eco-friendly product.

Mike said: We don’t want to go into business at the cost of our ethics.” The two students met through the Start-Up Factory; a partnership between the College and local employers and businessmen who act as mentors.