New home for city printing and design franchise

Matt Beeching and Adrian Walsh
Matt Beeching and Adrian Walsh

A Lancaster printing business has relocated to new premises in the city following the death of the company’s director last year.

Matt Beeching, the son of former boss Mark Beeching who passed away in November, has decided to take on the franchise with former employee Adrian Walsh, and the duo have now relaunched the business at The Storey in Meeting House Lane.

Matt, 33, said: “With over 10 years serving local businesses and building a strong reputation, it feels like the right thing to do.

“Before taking the big decision to continue the business in what was a very difficult time, we contacted The Bay Business Centre in Morecambe for advice and guidance. Nik Grimshaw was extremely helpful in offering some start-up help and 
ideas on funding available.” The Lancaster shop, in Penny Street, originally opened in February 2004 with 
Mark Beeching at the helm and Matthew and Adrian responsible for the printing and design.

After eight years serving with, Adrian left to concentrate on his own interests with a new concept to help stores nationwide, offering a professional design service during peak periods throughout the year when stores found it hard to cope.

Adrian’s reputation grew locally and he gained many local clients along the way, including The Bay Radio and Lancaster Brewery.

“It was the rates at the existing shop which were a bit of a non-starter for us,” said Adrian, 38, who is married with his first child expected this year.

“We looked at a number of new premises, but The Storey fitted in with our ethos as it’s very creative and arty.”

The former shop currently remains vacant.

Adrian said that since relaunching two weeks ago the business has been run off its feet.

Combined, Matt and Adrian have over 28 years of design and print experience, and have worked with thousands of local businesses helping with graphic design and web design as well as low-cost printing.

The pair hope to continue Matthew’s father’s traditions in the way they operate the business, while drawing on their up-to-the minute expertise in print and graphic design innovation.

Adrian added: “Mark Beeching came from a marketing background and had a vast knowledge and experience in marketing and sales.

“He was very well liked throughout the business community. He helped many local start-up businesses with invaluable advice, took pride in the design work which was produced in-house, and he was always honest, which reflected in the repeat business.”

The duo are looking forward to carrying on the legacy left behind by Matthew’s father while combining their expertise to serve the thousands of new and existing businesses in the Lancaster area.