New camping pods land at historic Luneside pub

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Camping just got a whole lot posher in Lancaster thanks to a £100,000 investment by a riverside pub landlord.

Stephen Hunt, landlord at the Golden Ball at Snatchems, has just completed the installation of three luxury camping pods to the side of the pub, which have features including a shower, toilet, underfloor heating and a flat screen TV.

Stephen, who is also building seven detached lettable rooms at the rear of the pub, and recently completed a brand new dining space with stunning views over the river, said Snatchems was a fantastic location for summer activities.

“But most of these can be extend throughout the year,” he said.

“Water sport, bird watching, cycling, rambling and lots more can be done or based from here. Offering accommodation gives a new dimension, what better than to watch the sunrise and the sunset from the comfort of your very own pod?”

The pods are priced at £50 per night for two adults sharing, with additional costs for extra people.

Stephen bought the Golden Ball from Mitchells of Lancaster in 2011, and it has seen a huge transformation since then.

He runs it with is children Joseph and Nicole

well most people who use The Golden Ball will not question my dedication to make Snatchems a success. to that end i have been exploring every avenue possible to maximize the potential the location brings. clearly Snatchems has been seen very much a summer destination pub. and yes it is a fantastic location for summer activities,

the site were the POD’s are located is right on the river edge, this proved difficult to get through planning, but after a long negotiating period was given the go ahead. the stone wall had to be built first to enclose the area , giving it a flat Plato and making it safe from high tides. then the ground work had to be done, each POD is plumbed into the mains water/electricity and drainage. the POD’s themselves are the top of the price bracket and given all the associated work there will not be much change from 100k.

some may think that amount of money is excessive, and i would not disagree but if a jobs worth doing.....and all that. the POD’s do have hot and cold water, shower, toilet, underfloor heating, flat screen tv and many more extras to make your overnight stay comfortable. lesser spec POD’s in other areas are charging in excess of £80/£90 per night, i am charging a modest £50 with the hope people will use the pub facilities.