New business hub is not run of the mill

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A symbol of the area’s industrial past has been refurbished to create low carbon workspace with a community feel.

Whittle Construction Ltd this week finished refurbishing Halton Mill, which has been empty since Luneside Engineering closed 10 years ago.

The building was handed over to Green Elephant, the cooperative borne out of the village’s burgeoning eco-cohousing community, which will run the mill as a non-profit hub for environmentally and ethically oriented local enterprises, freelancers and artists. The building will now be decorated ready for opening later this summer.

Its 16 units will include hot desks, offices, workshops and art studios, which can be rented exclusively or shared.

There will also be a kitchenette and a courtyard for tenants to meet and network.

There will also be ‘hackspace’, where people can rent workshop space on an hourly or daily basis, a community space where new community organisations can rent short term space at low rates, and incubator units, offering special rates to new enterprises.

“The idea is that instead of just renting a space, tenants will be able to support each other,” said Green Elephant co-director Alison Cahn.

“One of the advantages of working with others is that there is a huge amount of knowledge, experience and resources thatcan be shared.”

Anyone interested in renting space can attend the open day being held by Lancaster Cohousing this Sunday, May 26, at 1.30pm. Email

To visit at other times call Fiona Frank on 07778 737681.