New bakery is breadwinner

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A COUPLE are cooking up big plans at Carnforth Station after opening a new bakery.

Andrew and Helen Coates had previously baked bread and cakes at their Refreshment Room cafe at the station.

And they went down so well with customers that the couple decided to open the Brief Encounter Bakery next door, fulfilling a two-year old ambition.

The bakery, which opened on Good Friday, has created two new jobs and a third member of staff may also be recruited.

Two further jobs will be created at the Refreshment Room from May 4 when a new bistro evening is launched on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when the cafe will open until late.

The couple will work across both the cafe and bakery.

Helen, 39, who lives in Halton, said: “We have had the Refreshment Room for four years now.

“We have always made our own cakes and bread for the cafe and we had the space, so we thought why not open a bakery?

“It will be another draw for the station which already has several other shops.

“It is quite a nice place to visit and we have a lot of tourist parties coming several times a week.

“That is mainly because of the station’s link to the film Brief Encounter, but also people who realise what we have to offer here.”

The couple, who live in Halton with their one-year-old son Harry, invited along a number of regular customers for the opening of the bakery on Good Friday.

Andrew, 45, made a brief speech outside the door, before inviting the first customer, Dorothy Pearce, to step inside.

Once inside, customers were presented with a celebratory glass of wine.

“It has gone really well since the opening, better than I expected,” said Helen.

“People who have come in think it’s wonderful.

“They say they are just looking but they do not usually leave the shop empty-handed.

“Helen added that the thinking behind the bistro evening was to offer more of a restaurant experience.

“It will open until late at night, around 10pm or 10.30pm,” she said.

“We have done it before for special occasions but now it will be at weekends all year round and we have got a fantastic chef called Helen Burridge.

“Since she started in Dcember she has worked wonders and expanded our menu meaning we can offer so much more now.

“The new jobs are also good news in the current economic climate.”

The bakery opens from 10am-3pm daily.