Market layout proposals to be decided

Lancaster Charter Market in Market Street
Lancaster Charter Market in Market Street

The layout of Lancaster’s Charter Market will be decided at a city council cabinet meeting on December 2.

Cabinet members will be asked to consider the results and the options for the layout of the market following the completion of the city centre improvement works and a recent consultation.

Two potential layouts will be presented for consideration.

The first is based on the current footprint of the market and would see existing permanent traders continuing to trade from Market Street, Market Square and Cheapside.

New traders would be allocated pitches on Church Street and New Street, with existing traders being given the option to relocate for a rent free period.

The second option would alter the existing footprint of the market so there would only be pitches on one side of Cheapside, meaning some existing permanent traders would relocate to Church Street. In both options traders would be asked for their views on where they are located.

In addition to being asked for their preferred layout, Cabinet members will be asked if a more fundamental overhaul of the Charter Market is needed.

Mark Davies, Chief Officer (Environment) said: “The city council wants to see a thriving Charter Market because of the contribution it makes to Lancaster and the local economy.

“The recent consultation provoked much healthy debate between market traders, shop based businesses, shoppers, the Chamber and Business Improvement District.

“What was absolutely clear is that there is a wide spectrum of views and respondents were polarised in how they think the market should be delivered. Cabinet will therefore be asked, in addition to their preferred new layout, whether a more radical overhaul is required so many of the questions raised during the consultation can be addressed.”