Lodge bid sparks ‘chalet creep’ fear

Tewitfield Trout Fishery
Tewitfield Trout Fishery

THIRTY new holiday lodges are to be built near Carnforth, despite concerns about “chalet creep” from local parish councils.

London-based Britannic Property Ltd this week received planning permission to build the lodges at Tewitfield Trout Fishery, off Burton Road, as part of a two-phase development.

The second phase of the project could see another 23 lodges built if Lancaster City Council gives the plans the go-ahead.

But Warton Parish Council objected to the first phase plans on the grounds that the development was too intensive for the area. Borwick Parish Council also expressed concern that 11-month lets of holiday homes effectively meant full-time occupation, placing added strain on local infrastructure.

John Ball, clerk to Warton Parish Council, said that the parish councillors were becoming concerned about the continuation of built-up areas along Burton Road.

“We seem to be getting this chalet creep,” he said.

“It’s the worry that what and where is next?

“And before we know it, it’s built up all the way to Burton services.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (25-08-11) for full story.