Lancaster log firm aims to save the red squirrel

The endangered red squirrel.
The endangered red squirrel.

A Lancaster wood supplier is helping to protect an endangered native species.

Logs Direct of Halton has set up a voluntary online donation scheme to support wildlife experts trying to save the native red squirrel.

Customers buying wood fuel supplies from Logs Direct can now add a voluntary donation to the total cost of their order. The Brocklands Farm-based coal supplier has a policy of supporting nature and the environment.

All donations automatically taken online, or over the phone, will be collected by Nurture Lakeland and donated to Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE), which carries out vital work to protect red squirrel habitats in Lancashire, as well as Cumbria, County Durham, Northumberland and the Yorkshire Dales.

In England, it is estimated that the red squirrel population is now just 15,000, so this work is crucial if the species is to survive.

Small individual sums donated by Logs Direct’s customers will soon amount to a large cumulative total that will provide RSNE with essential funds.

RSNE relies entirely on donations and grants, so this scheme should sustain and enhance the existing habitat protection work carried out.

Logs Direct’s new partnership with Nurture Lakeland is the first stage of a two-step fundraising process that will see the wood supplier supporting a woodland management project next spring.

Stephen Talbot, Logs Direct’s director, said: “We source 50 per cent of our products from Cumbria, so supporting RSNE, and then woodland management in Cumbria, enables us to give something back to an environment on which our business depends.”