It’s a cinch as Jake’s tents kickstart new revolution

Cinch tent.
Cinch tent.

Convenience, comfort, quality and a respectful price tag – these are the cornerstones of a good tent purchase, according to camping entrepreneur, Jake Jackson, keen camper and the brains behind the ultimate pop-up tent, Cinch!

With the idea tried and tested by many over the years, Jake held the secret DNA for a tent like no other in the world but lacked the capital to fund production for the much-desired product.

So, in January 2015, Jake, 33, turned to Kickstarter and the belief and backing of hundreds across the world.

The Cinch! story soon exploded and within 30 days more than 600 people from across the world had pledged their money and support, smashing the initial investment target by 200 per cent and raising £100,000 capital.

Jake said: “I used Kickstarter to keep costs as low as possible for my customers so they don’t have to foot the bill for things like borrowing capital, but more immediately, to test the water and make sure there was an appetite for it!”

An idea born from years of frustration, Jake added: “I’ve been a keen camper for over 25 years and I’ve never found an all-round tent that’s perfect for my needs and those of my friends in the camping community. It often seems that essentials like convenience and comfort or quality and price are mutually exclusive in the tent market.”

Jake built his first prototype in 2009 from his mum’s garage in Lancaster, producing a small run of Cinch! tents for festival-goers. Spurred on by emphatic feedback he has continued the process each year adding families, backpackers, festival-goers, fishermen, bikers and hikers to his list of loyal customers, whilst redefining the design and features of the tent.

The Cinch! comes in two, three and four-man sizes and each is the largest in its class; the flagship four-man alone is the largest pop-up camping tent in the world.