Internships work for firms too

Pam Pickles.
Pam Pickles.

There is a common misconception by many businesses that universities are detached and have little to offer them. However, that viewpoint is increasingly at odds with reality.

Universities are increasingly judged on what they offer to those outside campus – whether that is the communities in which we are based, society as a whole, or the regional and national economy.

My area of interest is in setting up high quality, well-supported internships for our students to help businesses address a skill or resource shortage, trial new roles, or research a new idea.

These range from part-time short projects to full-time, three-month summer opportunities, where interns can make an impact in a business by applying their academic knowledge and skills, while also developing important workplace skills.

Working with science and technology students means businesses can access up to date skills and knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, such as environmental sciences, communications systems, chemistry, geography, mathematics and statistics, physics, psychology, and a range of engineering disciplines.

I advise on sources of funding for internships and support the recruitment process which is frequently something our business partners have little experience of.

I also put businesses in contact with academics for longer research projects.

Lancaster University is proud of its achievements working with businesses.

Last year, Lancaster University received one of only three Gold Small Business Charter Awards by Lord Young – a top Government business advisor – for its excellence in working with small and medium-sized companies.

We are keen to hear from more local companies who want to find out what support we can offer.

For more information please email or call me on 01524-510193.

Case studies of previous collaborations can be viewed at