Iconic hotel calls for 1930s memorabilia

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Families, friends and former guests of The Midland in Morecambe are being asked to dig out memorabilia from the hotel’s golden past.

With the iconic hotel reaching its eightieth anniversary in 2013, English Lakes Hotels, Resorts and Venues is seeking souvenirs and mementos which may have been stashed away for years in attics and drawers, with a view to putting on a commemorative display during the Midland’s milestone year.

In its hey-day the art-deco masterpiece was an immensely popular place to stay for the wealthy Edwardian middle classes from across northern England.

It also attracted the era’s celebrity set including Coco Channel, George Formby, Wallis Simpson and Noel Coward.

“The sort of things we are looking for are photographs, letters and postcards from the golden era of the 1930s, as well as other items such as original towels, napkins, cutlery and menus,” explained The Midland general manager Matt Stanaway.

“Anything really which former guests might have kept for sentimental or nostalgic reasons to celebrate or record their time at The Midland.”

“It has always been a fabulous venue for parties, balls and weddings, as well as an historic destination for honeymoons and family holidays. “We’re just as keen to hear from people who have a story or specific memory about The Midland which they would like to share.”

Any items that are donated for the display will be returned to their owners.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the 1930s display with memorabilia from The Midland at the time should contact the hotel on 01524 424000.

Photos and stories can also be posted on the English Lakes/Midland Facebook pages, or emailed to group.digital@englishlakes.co.uk.