Hotdesk move is worth the Risk

Bill Lenehan of Venture Risk
Bill Lenehan of Venture Risk

A former engineer and project manager has set up a risk management firm in Lancaster.

Bill Lenehan began Venture Risk from the kitchen of his home in Lancaster city centre.

But he recently became the first tenant at Lancashire County Council’s new ‘hotdesking’ facility at the White Cross Business Park.

His previous career took him to Europe, the Middle Wast and South America, but Bill returned home last year after he became tired of moving around all the time.

Bill, who previously lived in Blackburn completed an MSc in risk management in Glasgow after deciding on his change of direction.

He said his move to Lancaster had been a “lifestyle thing” also influenced by the proximity of family in Claughton and Giggleswick.

Bill is providing risk management services for firms running large industrial projects in areas like oil, gas, power generation and road building.

“An expensive swanky office is no use for my customers,” he said. “The problem was that I started to go nuts – stir crazy because I was living and working in the same space in my kitchen.

“That is why I jumped at the chance of a “hot desk”.

“Now my day is sweetness and light; I have structure, meet people, work effectively and pay no business rates because I am not here 24 hours a day.”

Bill is well aware that risk management is not seen as a sexy subject.

“Mention risk management to anyone in Penny Steet and you can see the eyes glaze over and hear the low sighs,” he admitted.

“It conjures up doom and gloom disasters, box ticking and endless “elf and safety” meetings which bore the pants of anyone with a pulse.

“To me, risk management is a really misunderstood subject but I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible.

“Whether we realise it or not, all of us intuitively manage risk most of the time but without knowing or being interested in the underlying risk management jargon.

“We automatically assess the pros and cons of everything we do before we decide to take action.

“I try to make projects failure proof – if you apply risk principles a project will not fail and you can save yourself a lot of money.”

“And your insurance company will offer you a big discount on your annual premiums if you follow a risk management process.”

“Venture Risk offer risk management that’s clear, concise, current and to the point.”

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