Heysham low on nukes priority list

Heysham Harbour and the two power stations.
Heysham Harbour and the two power stations.

HEYSHAM remains low on the priority list for new nuclear sites, despite being confirmed as one of those earmarked for the UK’s next generation of reactors.

It was one of eight sites – all next to existing plants – which were initially identified last year but which have now been confirmed on a list published as part of National Policy Statements on energy which were released by the Government last week.

The statements will go to a vote in Parliament, where a majority of MPs and peers support nuclear energy.

EDF Energy, which owns Heysham, said: “Heysham was identified as having potential for new build and was nominated into the government’s strategic siting assessment process, along with other sites across England and Wales. We are pleased that is included in the policy statement.

“Our plans however remain focused on sites in the south of England where the need for new capacity is more urgent with Hinkley and Sizewell being our priority sites.”

Four new reactors costing £6bn each are planned at Hinckley and Sizewell. As part of its agreement with the government EDF has committed to selling land at Heysham or at Dungeness in Kent, under competition rules.

See the Lancaster Guardian (30-06-11) for full story.