Free money handed out in Lancaster

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FREE money was being handed out to shoppers in Lancaster city centre at the weekend.

People were encouraged to take the special “banknotes” to highlight the cause of the Occupy Lancaster group.

This was the latest idea by Occupy Lancaster to raise awareness of their fight against capitalism and public sector cuts.

The group had camped in Dalton Square before Christmas, and also took over the former Railton Hotel in January.

The Mad March Hare event included street theatre, live music and a bit of fun. It was the sequel to a Leap of Imagination event which took place on February 29, when Bank of Occupy “banknote” leaflets were given out on the steps of banks around Lancaster to protest at bonuses paid to investment bankers at a time of massive public sector cuts.

“The tents may no longer be in Dalton Square but that does not stop local people from occupying public space with a smile,” a group spokesman said.

See the Lancaster Guardian (08-03-12) for full story.