Explosion shock after power cut

Dee and Paul Woodruff and their food bar at the Crook o'Lune car park
Dee and Paul Woodruff and their food bar at the Crook o'Lune car park

A loud explosion could be heard in the Lune Valley on Sunday after further problems with the electricity network caused power cuts for thousands of homes and businesses.

A total of 2,706 properties lost electric power at 10am on Sunday morning, less than a week after 1,200 homes and businesses suffered power cuts on New Year’s Eve.

At Woodie’s Snack Bar at the Crook O’ Lune, proprietor and Halton coun Paul Woodruff thought there had been a road accident when he heard a loud bang.

He said: “I thought there had been a smash on the road.

“By about 12pm we realised we weren’t going to get any power back and so we packed up.

“It was a bit of a financial disaster for us because we only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday now.

“The engineers did their best, and I’m hoping that now we’ve got the alternative supply it will be right.”

Properties in Lancaster, Caton, Halton, Ellel and Galgate lost power for around half an hour at 10.02am.

Electricity North West, which manages and maintains the electricity network in the region, said that a transformer fault at a substation caused the power cut.

The spokesman said: “As the transformer faulted it caused the fuses on the overhead line between Halton and Caton to blow.

“This happens as a safety precaution and people nearby would have heard a loud bang...

“Following a power cut on Monday 31 December due to an underground cable fault in Halton, our engineers restored power to all 1,200 properties by switching their supply to a neighbouring section of the network while a repair was carried out.

“Unfortunately, a transformer fault at a substation on Sunday January 6 caused 2,706 to lose power.

“Engineers restored power to 2,700 customers in 33 minutes, restoring the remaining six customers by a generator.

“We are continuing our investigation into both faults today and will work as quickly as possible to replace the faulty transformer, and to return the network to normal operation.”

Anyone who experiences a power cut can contact Electricity North West on 0800 195 4141, or go to www.enwl.co.uk/powercuts.