Exciting new look for the Guardian

The Lancaster Guardian is about to embark on one of the most exciting periods in its long and illustrious history.

fter 174 years as a broadsheet newspaper, it will be published in an easier-to-read compact format – the same size as The Times and The Independent – starting on May 19.

Editor Steve Brauner said: “Your favourite local newspaper will still contain all the great content which makes it essential reading.

“It will have a refreshed design to go with its new format but there will be no radical changes. Think of it as a gentle facelift for a familiar friend.

“Most importantly we will continue to provide the very best coverage of news, sport and entertainment relevant to the area where you live.

“Every week, the Lancaster Guardian carries stories, pictures and information you won’t find anywhere else.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (22-04-11) for full story.