Election range could decide vote

Ed Milliband
Ed Milliband

A Lancaster e-cig shop has launched an election range of “vape flavours” as part of a straw poll to find this year’s front runner.

Totally Wicked, based in New Street, has set up the unique General Election straw poll on its website after launching five General Election themed e-liquids – one for each of the major parties running in Lancaster.

David Cameron

David Cameron

There are roughly 3,200 vapers in each of the UK’s political constituencies – more than the political majority in most constituencies and easily enough to mean the General Election could well be decided, or at least hugely influenced, by the vapers’ vote.

The Lancaster Totally Wicked shop will also be holding its own shop poll for its constituency – so it’s easy to check in and see which political party is currently on top in the area.

There are currently 2.1 million vapers in the UK, an average of 3,230 per constituency and each one with a vote.

On May 6 – a day ahead of the General Election vote - the final result of Totally Wicked Election poll will be announced, with the winning party’s e-liquid added permanently to Totally Wicked’s Red Label range.

The Election e-liquid flavours include Cameron’s Eton Mess, Miliband’s Rocky Red, Clegg’s Blueberry Coalition Crumble, Bennett’s Green Deal and Farage’s Lunchtime Tipple.

Totally Wicked Lancaster has sent each of the candidates standing in the Lancaster constituency a bottle of their respective parties e-liquid along with an invitation to come and meet with local vapers to discuss some of the issues of concern to them during the campaign.

Rob Eland, Manager of Totally Wicked Lancaster said: “While the election e-liquids poll is a bit of fun, there is a serious message at the heart of this campaign.

“The issue of e-cigarettes has been high on the political agenda over the last two years and this is not going to change following the election. It is therefore vital that candidates engage with vapers during the course of this campaign.

I know from the vapers I speak to on a daily basis that they are genuinely concerned about some of the regulations being proposed for e-cigarettes and e-liquids and what that means for them as a vaper.

“Vapers are very politically aware so it will be interesting to see how they cast their votes in Lancaster.

“Will they opt for an e-liquid associated to a party that has supported the cause of vaping or will they be tribal and stick to another party irrespective of its views on vaping? As a local businessman and a vaper I look forward to engaging with all the main candidates in the coming weeks and hopefully welcoming them to Totally Wicked Lancaster.”