Council workers set to benefit from senior wage cut

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Around 50 city council employees are in line for a pay rise if councillors decide to remove an £82,000 a year senior position.

Councillors will decide on Tuesday whether to remove the post of “head of community engagement”, which would give the council the funds it needs to pay every member of its staff the “Living Wage” of £7.45 per hour.

It is thought that the county council may soon follow suit.

Coun Andrew Kay, who first proposed the motion to introduce the Living Wage in November 2012, said he was elated that the council was taking the significant step to ensure people worked for this amount of money and got the “dignity it provided”.

Former head of community engagement Richard Tulej retired in March, and council officers recommended the post be removed, with roles and responsibilities absorbed into other departments.

If adopted, £57,000 of the £82,000 would go towards paying the Living Wage to staff earning between £6.31 National Minimum Wage and £7.45 per hour.

The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, and was first introduced by the Living Wage Foundation, which encourages and supports employers to pay at least the hourly salary.

The Foundation says that Living Wage employers have seen absenteeism fall by around 25 per cent, with two thirds of employers reporting a significant impact on recruitment and retention within their organisation.