Council to cut back on stret CCTV


CITY councillors weighing up whether to cut CCTV coverage on streets in the district are being asked to consider splashing out on new town hall cameras.

Lancaster City Council’s cabinet last month considered ways of reducing the £370,400 cost of operating 42 cameras in Lancaster and Morecambe, including removing them.

It was suggested that the 8am-3am daily operating hours could be cut to save £46,500 on staffing, with coverage not beginning until noon on weekdays. But that saving could quickly be swallowed up if the council’s cabinet agrees to spend as much as £78,800 on security at council-owned buildings.

At Lancaster Town Hall, £6,000 could be spent on six CCTV cameras inside the building in addition to those currently in operation.

Another, £13,000 could be spent on four extra cameras inside Morecambe Town Hall and another eight outside.

The security of internal corridor and office doors at both town halls could be improved by either spending £47,800 on key fob or ID card systems, or £20,600 on keypad systems, the option preferred by council officers.

Another £12,000 could be used to improve the burglar alarm systems.

See the Lancaster Guardian (09-02-12) for full story.