Council tenants face rent rise

SOME council house rents could soar by nearly 10 per cent under proposals to be considered by councillors.

Lancaster City Council’s cabinet is being urged to set an inflation-busting average increase in rents of 7.8 per cent after a shake-up in the way council housing is funded by the Government.

Inflation currently stands at 5.2 per cent based on the Retail Prices Index (RPI).

If the proposals are accepted by councillors at next Tuesday’s cabinet meeting, the average weekly rent for the year from April will rise from £64.20 to £69.22.

The highest rise would be 9.8 per cent, while the lowest would be 6.8 per cent.

From April 1 the city council will no longer need to pay the government most of the rent its collects.

See the Lancaster Guardian (12-01-12) for full story.