City gets its own Twitter hour as social site booms

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Businesses and groups across Lancaster are now benefiting from a growing social media trend.

As Twitter’s popularity grows, more people are setting up ‘regional hours’ on the site, providing a free and useful platform and extra exposure on the internet.

‘Lancaster Hour’ is gaining in momentum after being set up a month ago.

The idea is to get the city’s business community online to tweet their news, events and ideas using the hashtag #LancasterHour on Tuesday nights between 8pm-9pm.

There is also a #NorthWestHour and a #Lancashire Hour.

#LancasterHour creator Jack Knight, of Knight Time Creations, said: “I was seeing so many other regional hour hashtags on Twitter, yet there wasn’t one for Lancaster. I love the place dearly, having moved here ten years ago and made it my home.

“I’ve met a huge amount of local business owners over the years and it’s great to really feel part of a community.

“I wanted to encourage that local bond online with #LancasterHour.

“I want to connect local businesses both on and off line so we can foster a real community spirit of friendship and co-operation.”

Naturally, #LancasterHour also has its own Twitter account - @lancasterhour - from which it re-tweets those who take part.