Chef creates menu with wine at heart

Craig Sherrington
Craig Sherrington

A chef from Lancaster has been chosen to help reignite British love for wines from a famous French vineyard region.

Craig Sherrington at the General Burgoyne in Great Urswick, south Cumbria, is preparing a menu at the request of the Bordeaux Wine Council.

He will be unveiling it at a special Bordeaux wine evening at the south Cumbrian pub on October 24.

Craig and his wife Louise have just returned from a fact-finding trip to the vineyards and wine caves of Bordeaux.

The chef, who trained at Lancaster and Morecambe College, said: “It was an absolute privilege and a pleasure to be invited. The French reputation for excellent food and wine is well-deserved.

“We came back with a real perception of what the Bordeaux Wine Council is trying to achieve, and a few different ideas for our menu.”

Craig was originally put in touch with Bordeaux wine through Robinson’s Brewery, which owns the General Burgoyne. This year, though, the French contacted the pub directly.

The renowned chef worked at top hotels like Lakeside at Newby Bridge and Storrs Hall at Windermere, before taking over at the General Burgoyne.